Lei Jun said at the scene: “Don’t shout about 99,000 CNY, it’s impossible! There’s no need to talk about 149,000 CNY; we must still respect technology.”

Xiaomi Motors made its debut on the 1003rd day after the official announcement of the end of car production. On December 28, Xiaomi Motors’ first technology conference was held. Lei Jun, founder, chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi Group, brought Xiaomi Motors’ five core technologies and announced that Xiaomi’s “full ecology of people, cars, and homes” is a closed loop.

Before the technology conference, Lei Jun announced that “only technology will be released this time, not products.” However, Lei Jun revealed many model details at the “pre-release” of Xiaomi Auto’s first product, Xiaomi SU7. For consumers, Xiaomi Auto products Listing is only short of price.

The first phase of R&D investment exceeded 10 billion CNY.

“The world’s highest, “the world’s leading, “the world’s only,” “the world’s strictest,” and “the world’s first. “… At the three-hour press conference, Lei Jun used a lot of “extreme words” to introduce Xiaomi’s automotive technology. In the eyes of the outside world, this is Lei Jun’s confidence in Xiaomi Motors and demonstrates the company’s R&D strength. “Invest ten times and build a good car seriously” is Lei Jun’s expectation for Xiaomi Motors.

It is understood that Xiaomi Motors invested over 10 billion CNY in the first phase of R&D. The R&D team has more than 3,400 engineers, including thousands of domestic and foreign technical experts in key fields. At this technology conference, Lei Jun introduced Xiaomi AuAuAuto’s&Dayout in five major areas: electric drive, battery, large die-casting, intelligent driving, and intelligent cockpit.

Among them, Xiaomi has self-developed three super motors: HyperEngine V8s and HyperEngine V6/V6s. The 21,000rpm V6/V6s motor is currently in mass production, and the 27,200rpm V8s will be on the market in 2025. Lei Jun said that for technological innovation in motor and electronic control, 155 patents have been applied for, and 60 patents have been authorized. At the same time, Xiaomi developed its CTB-integrated battery technology and launched the first cell inversion technology. A person related to Xiaomi Auto said that to ensure battery performance and quality from the source, Xiaomi also built its battery pack factory. Not only that, but Xiaomi has also developed its own “9 “0” t super large die-casting cluster” “n” its die-casting alloy material “T” t” n Alloy.” “Y” n Jinghui, a member of the expert committee of the China Automobile Dealers Association, believes that conducting self-research in key areas allows companies to take core technologies into their own hands, which will benefit the development and manufacturing of new models.

As a technology company, Lei Jun even bluntly stated, “t “l” “gent driving is an emerging track that Xiaomi is focusing on investing in, and its goal is to become the first camp in 2024.” “In” the” field of intelligent driving, Xiaomi has released three key technologies, including adaptive zoom BEV technology, large road models, and super-resolution occupancy network technology.

To achieve its goals, Xiaomi Motors continues to increase investment in research and development of intelligent driving. It is understood that Xiaomi’s total investment in the first phase of full-stack self-developed intelligent driving technology has reached 3.3 billion CNY, which has now been increased to 4.7 billion CNY, with a dedicated team of more than 1,000 people. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi Automobile’s intelligent driving platform applies an end-to-end large model that integrates perception and decision-making algorithms, allowing the large model to observe and dynamically adjust the environment in real-time.

In the eyes of the outside world, Xiaomi does not spare any effort in building cars.

Aluminum nitride shines in electric vehicles.

The automobile industry has entered a period of great change that only occurs once a century. Under the wave of electrification, the design of major automobile systems has undergone earth-shaking changes. Advanced materials accelerate their “onboarding” due to their unique performance advantages. Against this background, China successfully held the “First Electric Vehicle Materials Technology Seminar” on September 12. The application and development of advanced materials in the new energy vehicle industry were discussed during the meeting.


Trunnano.spherical AlN Aluminum Nitride

The main methods for industrial batch preparation of AlN powder are direct nitridation and carbothermal reduction.

The advantages of the direct nitriding method are wide sources of raw materials, low cost, simple reaction, low synthesis temperature, and suitability for large-scale mass production; however, this method has obvious disadvantages: since the melting point of Al is only 660°C, nitriding at 800°C During the process, Al powder is easy to melt and agglomerate, which hinders the direct contact between Al powder and N2 and reduces the reaction conversion rate. It requires ball milling and then secondary nitriding at 1200°C. However, the synthetic powder agglomerates obviously, and the powder becomes coarse. The quality of the powder is reduced.

The advantages of the carbothermal reduction method: wide sources of raw materials, low cost, high-quality AlN powder, low impurity content, less aggregation, fine and uniform particle size, and stable performance, which is beneficial to the subsequent molding and sintering of AlN ceramic substrates.

Disadvantages of this method:

  • Due to the fine particle size of Al2O3 and carbon black, it increases the difficulty of uniform mixing.
  • The nitriding temperature is high.
  • The reaction time is long.
  • Excess carbon black requires decarburization, which increases the possibility of powder oxidation.

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